Retraction and Apology

I just learned that MRI results required before filling a prescription for Humira was not sent to Irish’ insurance company, Pacific Source.

I was misinformed. This lapse apparently occurred twice, once with the original prescription request and again when the denial was appealed. I am attempting to identify how the prescribing and information systems broke down.

I apologize to Pacific Source and their pharmacy benefits manager, Caremark, for publishing inaccurate information.

While I still believe that an Oregon doctor should sign any denial by an insurance company of prescribed benefits, the current episode was not the result of a profit motive, nor the fault of Pacific Source or Caremark.

~ Erik Dolson

What if Trump were on my side?

So. Trump was having affairs with porn stars just after his son Baron was born, and his wife was recovering from pregnancy. I smiled as I thought this might make the “moralists” or religious right who continue to support him squirm a little bit.

Then Holly shared that she’d asked herself if she could support Trump, despite his disgusting character, if he advocated for other policies she believed in. Continue reading