Indecent Exposure

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Exposure for blog

Jessica was raised in a small coastal town in Washington state by her mysterious French grandmother. Beautiful, but always a little different, Jessica does not understand at first why her desires should be hidden, or taken advantage of by others.

As she begins to pursue a career, she is in turn pursued by those who would possess her. Eventually her world collapses, but through crisis she locates her source of strength and battles back to find, if not revenge, then justice.

“Indecent Exposure” is not just an erotic novel, or a mystery, or a thriller. Categorization is difficult. The book depicts some of the pleasurable friction between men and women, but some of the not-so-pleasurable as well.

The unfairness surrounding female sexuality is not often talked about honestly, despite #metoo. Maybe I’m not the one to do that, but the discussion must go forward.

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