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    • Dishonest Greg Walden April 13, 2013
      Rep. Greg Walden has shown his core dishonesty so flagrantly that even Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives (Walden represents AT&T, drug companies and the insurance industry) are backing away from his smell. The news is everywhere, but we offer this story from Oregonlive, the online version of The Oregonian. Essentially, Walden attacked […]
    • Buy guns. Tax bullets. December 20, 2012
      We may not ever stop the carnage. The left desires state “control,” which won't work, the right believes the problem isn’t too many guns but not enough guns in the right hands—a belief pure crazy. But given the dysfunction of America on this issue, what can we do? I suggest a market-based approach. Let’s put […]
    • Longer term consequences December 14, 2012
      Because the economy is going to recover without Republicans in charge, the right now loses the myth that only they can solve economic woes. This wound will last a couple generations. With it to the trash goes the right’s bigotry that theirs is the only morality, the only religion, the only good worthy of the […]
    • Careful, Mr. President November 30, 2012
      Mr. President: Two things in the news over the last couple of days concern me. First, your proposal to Republicans on avoiding the fiscal cliff includes $1.6 trillion in tax increases and $50 Billion in stimulus spending. This seems like a bit of a “cram down,” as in something you cram down your opponents throat. […]
    • Taxes November 28, 2012
      Here comes Fox News, the propaganda wing of the Republican Party, trying to stymie any compromise on the deficit. Fox wants us to drive off the fiscal cliff, so they are attempting to yank the wheel. They are doing so by saying that closing loopholes will mean cuts to: "-- Medicare benefits for senior -- […]
    • Economic recovery is a time to do less November 23, 2012
      Let’s have a discussion about the 47%. Students who got bought off by college loans, women bought off with birth control,  poor bought off with medical care, Hispanics bought off with immigration reform. Let’s assume, for a moment, that Romney’s White Man’s Nightmare is true. Let’s even ignore his secret tax returns and off-shore bank […]
    • Oh, Mr. Ro-money November 16, 2012
      On Tuesday night I stayed up for the final election results and saw Gov. Romney's concession speech. I was impressed, actually, and for an entire day felt that America may have actually had a choice between two qualified candidates. And I was done with this election. Then came Wednesday. Then Romney proved he was just […]
    • Four reasons why Romney lost November 10, 2012
      Pundits across the political spectrum are analyzing, dissecting, and opinionating why Mitt Romney lost the election to be President of these United States. They are making it far too complex: 1) No tax returns. C'mon, what's with the off-shore bank accounts? 2) No plan. Magical thinking is not a plan. 3) No honesty. Etch-A-Sketch was […]
    • What now? November 8, 2012
      Victory is sweet. No denying it. We won. And for all the right reasons. But so quickly is that overwhelmed by the realization that we are still standing in deep shit and we are in it together. It does not matter, today, where that shit came from. It does not matter, today, who kept it […]
    • Salt Lake City Tribune endorses… Obama October 21, 2012
      For all the right reasons, The Salt Lake Tribune, of all newspapers, turned away from Mitt Romney and endorsed President Obama. Read it here. Every moderate, every undecided voter, hell, everyone should read this. It is one of the best descriptions that has been published about the choice that faces America.

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