It’s real

About seven minutes ago, I sent off the final draft of my new book to a publisher in Seattle.

They like this book, they wanted this book, they are going to pay for editing and proofreading and printing and will do all the things publishers do to a book before they try to sell it. They are very enthusiastic.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful this feels. Not loud and boisterous wonderful, but quietly fulfilling wonderful. Like seeing my daughters graduate, or holding their own in an adult conversation. Having the apple trees thrive.

According to our contract, they want to have the book available to readers on August 15. That’s a pretty tight time frame, and that’s pretty cool, too. In fact, there’s only one thing that isn’t amazingly wonderful about all this.

I had to write it under a pseudonym. That’s just how it played out. It’s going to be a while before anyone can know that it’s mine.



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About Erik Dolson

Erik Dolson is a writer living in Oregon

4 Responses to It’s real

  1. Karen Smith says:

    So proud of you, and your accomplishments, look forward to reading this book, and your future endeavours.
    Hugs always

  2. Claire says:

    Why pseudonym? Which book?

  3. Erik Dolson says:

    Pseudonym because of premise, voice, style, and marketing. I’ve not talked much about this book. Started it in January, draft sent to publisher in late February, they reviewed in March, contract negotiated and signed in April, revisions just completed.

  4. Gen says:

    If it doesn’t carry your name how will we, all of your loyal fans, be able to read your latest?
    Maybe you could create a “recommended reading list”?

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