I started, really started the new book today. Chapter 1, which is linked to here, is done, though it will no doubt be changed many times. This will be a tidy little book, now that I know it has a beginning and an ending. Some of you have already read parts of “Butterflies.” Those were snapshots for the wall, vignettes, blocks that will be assembled and reassembled to become this book.

The other new book, the one I only get to whisper about, is with the managing editor of the small publishing house that decided to take it on and put it out there. It goes into production at the end of the month, and on sale soon after with a guerilla promotional campaign. Labor Day? Hooray!

And of course, we are still living the race story, “It’s Never Enough.” I don’t know if that goes anywhere beyond the blog, since I doubt a book about a bunch of guys racing cars has universal appeal. But we’ll see.

Thank you, everyone, for your interest.


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