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Someone I’m very close to has just released a new book. It’s available on Amazon, here.

“Exposed” by Jessica Love is classified as erotic fiction, but it’s more than that. Jessica has a wry, different view on sexuality, commentary on the roles of men and women in and out of the bedroom, a few erotic scenes in a public setting (her favorite), and she tells a pretty good story set in Seattle.

“Exposed” even has a few words about racing, and golf, and relates those to sex. I have no idea where she got her information. I don’t play golf.

It’s a fascinating thing when the “muse” takes over a project; When what an author intends to write often becomes something very different through the act of creation. The author of “Exposed” said the final book is very different that what was originally intended. I can relate.

As characters come alive within a story, they begin to dictate their own actions. Some have abilities they pursue that may be different from the author’s; some have tastes that may be quite different as well. This “coming alive” is more than an author looking for human sensations, and then words to describe those sensations.

Maybe it’s just a version of crazy. I don’t know.

Some early reviews of Jessica’s book on Amazon have been very favorable:

“This was an AMAZING read! I absolutely loved it! It’s not one of those romantic romance novels at all. Yes, there’s sex, a bit of bdsm… but for the most part it feels like a memoir. I am very surprised on how much i enjoyed it.”

and: ” The author had an intricate combination of mystery, romance, angst and and some suspense as it follows the leading lady- Jessica Love- through her life and eventually marriage.”

It’s a really short book, but I know Jessica and I know a fair amount of effort went into it. The cost is less than large cup of coffee and a muffin. If this genre is your thing, I think you’ll enjoy it.


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  1. Jessica Love says:

    Thank you, for the plug.

    For those of you with a Kindle, or who have the Kindle app on your computer, the publisher of “Exposed” is giving away electronic copies for another three days. Just go to Amazon and search for “Exposed” by Jessica Love.

    So far, our rankings have been wonderful. We were in the 7th spot in our genre yesterday, and doing surprisingly well in all categories.

    Thank you.

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