Back to the rainforest

In a week (!) I leave again for the rainforest of Costa Rica. It will be a different trip than last March, when I wandered alone from place to place with no itinerary.

This trip, Susan and I will land in San Jose and head north to Monteverde for a couple of days for monkeys and jungle, then to the coast for a week or so seeking warmth and sand (sun if we’re lucky), then someplace else for a week. We’ll see when we get there.

I hope to wrap up the first draft of “Butterflies” while I’m there, and get that off to an agent who has shown interest. The book has changed direction so many times it’s hard to know what will evolve as it approaches its conclusion. I like that part of the process, when the work decides what it’s going to be and makes me serve its purpose.

My life feels a little like that too, now, for a variety of reasons.

And that’s a good thing.

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