Winding it up

Whew! The new / old Jessica book is finished!

It’s new because it went from 50,000 words to 80,000 words, which is insane for the genre. Which genre is a key question. The book may fall flat because it breaks all sorts of rules and bends into different genres, and readers really like to know what they’re getting after they’ve judged a book by its cover.

The original idea, so long ago, was to write a 20,000 word porn novel to see if it would sell, after the first book fell flat (for damn good reasons). In the writing, Exposed grew two-and-a-half times, with more plot, theme and characters, some of whom showed up without an invite and surprised even me.

Sort of a porn/mystery/crime story. Great reviews, lousy sales.

It’s old because this is the second edition of that first Jessica book. It’s so different, I’m giving it a new title: Indecent Exposure. Now it’s more intricate, with a little more sex and a lot more plot. Sections that were underdone  have been fleshed out (as it were). The theme is stronger. Fewer plot gaps.

“Erik Dolson” is probably going to be ghost writer for the advertised author, Jessica Love. Or it will be “by Jessica Love, with Erik Dolson.” Oh hell, it might just be “by Jessica Love” or “by Erik Dolson.” I’ve gone back and forth on that so many times, a path is worn an inch deep in my concrete floors. Marketing versus my ego. But the day approaches when I’ll have to decide.

All that said, after a process that I thought would take a month and instead took over a year, maybe two (look, I’ve been busy, stuff happens), it’s finished! This morning!

Of course, “finished” is relative. Although it’s been proofread twice, and parts rewritten a half-dozen times, it’s going to an editor in L.A., (if she accepts it) and I’m sure corrections will need to be made. While that’s going on,  I’ll create and confirm the cover. Then I need to market the book.

Marketing was the primary source of friction with my former publisher. No details necessary, but suffice it to say, I’m anxious to see it I can get this book into the hands of an accepting audience. Online only at first, paperback on demand.

Three copies have already been sent out: One to a trusted reader, one to my lawyer, another to a delightful French woman I just met, so she can tell me if I got that part of the book right.

Anyone else who would like a “prepublication copy” for their iPad or other reader can email me at erik{at}erikdolson{dot}com and I will send a password protected .pdf file.

Wow. This feels good, though it’s never enough. Like catching the car ahead coming into a set of “S” turns, and exiting in front by two lengths. It’s not over till it’s over, but every pass gets us closer to the checkered flag.

~ Erik

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