Book Finished!

The book is finished. Done. Posted. For sale here.

I don’t know that I would have embarked on a “three week, a month at the most” rewrite of the original a year and a half ago, if I’d known it would take what it did. But that’s what it takes, sometimes, and I’m glad that I did.

This is a much better book than the first version, Exposed by Jessica Love. In the rewriting it grew from 50,000 words to over 86,000. What was supposed to be a quick splash into a market that was hot at that time, but was something that really didn’t fit anywhere, is now a novel.

Indecent Exposure is not for everyone. It has sex, eroticism, etc. I don’t want to offend those who are put off by such things, and don’t think they should buy the book.

Exposure for blog

I don’t think the eroticism any way gratuitous. It is essential to part of the theme: women should be able to enjoy their sexuality just as much as men, and without being judged for it, or taken advantage of because they do. Probably a little old fashioned of me to think so, but there it is.

I like the character, Jessica, and am very fond of her grandmother. During the writing, each of them developed personalities that were very surprising to me. That’s one of the miracles about this whole process, from my point of view. That the author is not as “in control” as others might think.

I enjoyed writing the story, too, beyond theme, plot, character, etc. Story is different, more than the sum of all those parts. We don’t think of pigment when we view a painting, or clay when we see a pot. Story is the same for authors, I think.

It’s done. Closing up the computer now. Time to work on boats and cars for a few days, before I dive back in to the sequel.

~ Erik

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