Driving is about forgetting

Working my way north, and trying to write on an iPad instead of the heavy-weight computer. First stop today was at a kart track to knock some of the rust off the driving skills. Jakester made a point of being almost two seconds faster than me — in my kart!

The heavy lead gets added to his kart next session to equalize our weights, then we’ll see.
Tomorrow the big car gets on the dyno for break-in and tune up, test and brake burn-in on Thursday, the season begins on Friday in Seattle. I’ve not been away from racing this long since I started, 22 years ago.
As he was mounting shocks last week, Jon found the passenger side half shaft was cracked nearly through. Better than finding it shifting into fourth on the main straight, or downshifting into third. All sorts of ugly avoided.
Weather is supposed to be good in Seattle. Jake says driving is the last thing I’ll forget how to do. It’s good to have his confidence On my side, but it’s been a long time.
Had some interesting responses to the ads for the book, but received another positive review on Amazon. Sales are up and down, biut I’m not disappointed.
I need to remember that driving fast is forgetting, not trying to recall each action that needs to be taken long before the thought is complete. Get in the car, buckle up and drive. That I can do.
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