Please withdraw, Kavanaugh

by Erik Dolson

Brett Kavanaugh has shown the world that he is not a man of judicial temperament. He’s just a jerk of prep school privilege, enraged to the point of tears that his inherited entitlement is not making past bad actions disappear.

Those actions probably occurred under the influence of alcohol and youthful hormones. Is there proof? Yes, in his own hand on his high school yearbook page. His own calendar. Kavanaugh’s  explanations about what he wrote are laughable evasions.

Now, Kavanaugh’s hurt outrage, his snottiness in response to reasonable questions about his drinking, his obvious willingness to lie, and his lack of respect demonstrate that he is unfit for our nation’s highest court.

Kavanaugh should withdraw his name before the FBI investigation is complete, sparing his family further pain and our country additional turmoil. There are many conservative jurists, men and women, who would serve honorably. This is a  tremendous opportunity for Trump to name another woman to the high court.

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