A piggish man

By Erik Dolson


The awful words; the sneers; the mocking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by the President of The United States. What an execrable little man.

That was obvious long ago, when he mocked a disabled reporter; by his use of disparaging nicknames; lying to the nation about affairs even as he was paying $130,000 to a woman he had sex with shortly after his wife gave birth to their son and he was bemoaning the impact of childbirth on her body.

There are so many examples from the last two years that we’ve become numb to this “sad, embarrassing wreck of a man” even as he has turned the presidency of the United States of America into a muck spattered, low class, mysogynistic, greed fest.

But, somehow, he free falls now to a new depth of craven by insulting and drawing laughs at the expense of a woman who came forward to describe a sexual assault by a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court.

The horrid pig that is Trump has now proven true that men are deaf to the impact of sexual assault on women.

Enough of this.

Republicans, please, stand against this fountain of ugliness and save your party. If this is really a culture war, what are you fighting for? Women: Raise your voices even louder, because they who need to hear have not yet heard you. Show them this is not business as usual, and that “usual” needs to change.

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