Democrats are screwed

By Erik Dolson

Donald Trump won the midterm elections yesterday. Democrat victory in the House of Representatives gives Trump exactly what he needs for the next two years to win the presidency in the year 2020.

Trump said as much when he congratulated Nancy Pelosi, presumed to be the new Speaker of the House. Trump said that Pelosi deserved the Speakership, and added that he might give her a few Republican votes on key issues in the future.

Trump thus sets himself up as a dealmaker, ready and willing to cooperate with the other side. Trump actually believes Pelosi is a weak opponent he will easily caricature as a villain and successfully blame for anything that goes wrong for the country. That day approaches.

While celebrating their victory, Democrats are about to run head long into a concrete wall of economics. Republicans granted themselves and the mega rich huge tax cuts. Trillion dollar deficits will soon result in economic harship. Inflation is most likely. This will require the unpleasant cure of higher interest rates. These hit the working class far harder than the rich, who will shield themselves with non wage income.

Perching on economic success that began six years ago with the end of the Great Recession (significant growth historically follows hardship), Republicans will succeed in blaming Democrats for the impending crash actually caused by Republican policies in the first two years of Trump’s presidency.

It’s too late avoid this by being fiscally responsible, not a strong suit for Democrats philosophically (nor Republicans pragmatically). As a result of yesterday’s election, Democrats will be blamed for tanking the economy. Efforts to assist middle America or the poor, be it health care or infrastructure, will be successfully labeled as “irresponsibleDemocrat budget busting.”

This is a triple win for Republicans: Tax cuts for the rich, damage to Democrats, and Trump victory in 2020.

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Erik Dolson is a writer living in Oregon

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  1. Karen Smith says:

    I love your spelling mistake


  2. Karen says:

    I’m in my Editing Class at college right now, got bored so I read your latest missive in the break

  3. Erik Dolson says:

    Haven’t seen, or heard from you, in a long while. Missed you. Hope you’re okay.

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