Godaddy lost

by Erik Dolson

I’ve been a loyal Godaddy customer for years. I have 21 domain names registered with them, and had two websites.

Until last month, when I was “migrated” from Linux to C-Panel by an enthusastic young salesman. Cost me $423. He touted the savings he was giving me, along with other benefits.

Except, Godaddy lost the site. I contacted them several times. Techs (after very long waits, at times) kept telling me to wait, sit tight, chill out, it would happen. Then it was too late. All the files disappeared. This was the primary sales site for “Indecent Exposure.” The Jessica blog, etc.

Godaddy is giving me a refund for the last $112 I gave them to “migrate” my site into oblivion. Out of about $600 spent, maybe more. I told them I was unable to express all my appreciation.

So, if you have a domain hosted by Godaddy, be reluctant to make changes that they recommend until you’re very sure that it’s necessary. Back up your files, because Godaddy won’t.

I’ve lost hundreds of hours of work. Damn it all.

So, if you click on a link from my site or a facebook page or an ad and you get a “File Not Found,” that’s why. I’ll clean it up as soon as I can.

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