AOC lays it out there

By Erik Dolson

Many of you believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist. Okay, I’d argue even she may not know if that’s true in the literal, economic / political sense, and that labels don’t matter.

Many of you chide her for the Green New Deal. Okay, let’s set our sights much lower, maybe on the old gray deal which is the legacy we’re leaving our children. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Many of you are tuning in to the pernicious videos and memes spread by the Koch Brothers and Hannity and Marathon Oil that AOC not real. That she’s an actress parroting the words of other people. Okay, let’s pretend she’s an agent under Soros’ mind control.

Okay. So watch this. It won’t change your mind, but maybe, possibly, just might give you something to think about.

I repeat: AOC is becoming one of the more important voices in American politics.

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Erik Dolson is a writer living in Oregon

2 Responses to AOC lays it out there

  1. Tom Cantrell says:

    Eric, you have elevated AOC to someone in the company of MLK and you say she may not know she is a socialist? Which is it, she is aware or confused??

    Erik, please read all the versions of the Green Deal. Tell the readers what portions you agree with and which ones you do not agree with.

    It is easy to point to rich or powerful people and say, “The Devil made me say or do it”. Lets not pretend or play a lightning round of what if’s as AOC seems to enjoy. Dig in, get to the meat, tell us what you agree with and what you do not agree with. If you do not drill down to the heart of your beliefs on the Green deal I am not able to determine where you truly stand.

    Here is a another hearing that AOC stood her ground, showed her command of the issues and asked tough questions.

  2. Erik Dolson says:

    Tom, please don’t restate my words such that they are something I did not say, and then mock them with rhetorical gotcha questions. Setting up straw men in that way is not an argument.

    (1) I did not elevate AOC to the status of MLK.
    (2) She may or may not understand all the nuances of every label nor everyone’s interpretation of every label. Neither do I. Neither do you.

    In the same vein, tell me what your interpretation of socialist is, the difference between a pure socialist, a democratic socialist, and a National Socialist and how those contrast with policies in the United States from WWII to the present.

    I will read all versions of the Green New Deal right after you produce an answer to the above.

    As to, “It is easy to point to rich or powerful people and say, ‘The Devil made me say or do it,’ ” I don’t understand your point, here. What’s the reference? Did I do that? Did AOC do that?

    Tell me exactly what this has to do with the clip that I posted. She was refuting the accusation of elitism. Tell me specifically which sentence in that clip you find troublesome. If you do not drill down to the heart of your dispute with her points of view, as stated in that clip, I am not able to determine what exactly we disagree about.

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