Early each morning, I face the mountain, gather its calm.
Sitting here, accept what comes, don’t chase it.
Mind scurries, what it does, on its own.
As the sun rises, needs are seen, plans are made.
Mountain sits, with every moment, in complete repose.
Noise within, not my world, begins to fade.
Mountain guides me into this day.

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About Erik Dolson

Erik Dolson is a writer living in Oregon

2 Responses to Sitting

  1. Claire S. Meisel says:

    hemingwayesque. Or haiku?

  2. Erik Dolson says:

    It has become a habit each day, after coffee and newspaper but before work, to sit quietly for a half-hour or 45 minutes.

    I stare out the window at this mountain, watch birds glide over the landscape and thoughts glide over my awareness. Something that needs to be done gets written down, then is dismissed from attention.

    Eventually I am ready to act, but with a very different frame of reference.

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