Behind tiny hands, eyes are hidden; if my soul window curtains are closed, I am not home; behind tiny hands, myself is hidden.

But, when I pull them aside, for a tiny peek, my laugh burbles out when I see your eyes are still there! When I look at you looking at me! Your curtains are open! We are co-incident! Quick! Close my hands, close my curtains, hide these eyes!

Everything disappears. Except time. Time always moves away from itself, sometimes leaving me behind but always taking me with it: This is now, not then, I am different because I own that then in this now, I am different now because I eye I have been waiting, behind these hiding hands, until I spread fingers so slightly you won’t even notice… I am invisible until… I peek out… and see you looking BACK AT ME!

Hah! Connection is timeless!

You looking at me looking at you, peek-a-boo!