What happened to comment on Kavanaugh?

By Erik Dolson

I’ve spent some time trying to find out why Tom Cantrell’s comments on Kavanaugh did not get posted when submitted on October 3rd (See comment here). I’ve discovered two possibilities, but nothing definitive in the time I’ve spent so far (until 1:30 am this morning, and again since 6 a.m.).

The first is that we use an automatic spam blocker called “Akismet.” It filters comments and automatically puts 100s of spam comments, those looking to sell something, in the trash. Around the same date as Tom’s comment, October 3rd, we were hit with spam from metal building sellers. Tom’s comment came from his business email, which is related to metal construction and could Read more…

Connie Chung’s remarkable letter

by Erik Dolson

During the aftermath of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing, retired newswoman Connie Chung wrote a remarkable letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who had come forward to describe a decades old assault by Kavanaugh.

Chung empathized with Ford after Republican men on the committee, and the president, implied the assault could not have occurred as she remembered it, in effect saying: “This didn’t happen or you would have told someone at the time.”

In the letter, Chung revealed a painful truth: As a young woman, still a virgin and in college, she had been assaulted by her family doctor from whom she had asked for a prescription for birth control. Read more…

A piggish man

By Erik Dolson


The awful words; the sneers; the mocking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by the President of The United States. What a execrable little man.

That was obvious long ago, when he mocked a disabled reporter; by his use of disparaging nicknames; lying to the nation about affairs even as he was paying $130,000 to a woman he had sex with shortly after his wife gave birth to their son and he was bemoaning the impact of childbirth on her body.

Read more…