Lost in Spaaaaaace

By Erik Dolson

Tesla Roadster prototype (CC BY-SA 4.0)

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine said that Elon Musk smoking pot on a podcast was “not appropriate,” that it “did not inspire confidence,” and may have prompted a safety review of both Musk’s SpaceX and Boeings United Launch Alliance.

The companies are vying to ferry astronauts into space.

Here’s an alternate point of view, just for discussion. Maybe the NASA chief has it backwards.

Perhaps the smoking of pot by a man who revolutionized money (Paypal), the automobile (Tesla) and space flight with reusable rockets (SpaceX) should cause Bridenstine to reexamine his attitudes toward marijuana. We all support decisions based on reliable evidence.

Disclosure: This author does not smoke pot or use cannabis in any form. It’s a personal decision.

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