The wheel comes off.

This video, taken at the Pacific Northwest Historic Races earlier this month, would be hilarious, if it didn’t depict a life threatening situation for at least five people. The impatient should start at minute 6:30.

First is the driver of the Mustang, Bob Hooper. His wheel came off at the fastest part of the race course, and he was traveling well over 100 miles per hour.

Second are the people in the worker stand. To me, it looks like that wheel is headed right at them. But I think it bounced over them, instead. Thank you folks in white for being out there!

Third is the driver of the Jaguar from which this video was filmed, Gunter Pichler. All of a sudden there’s a wheel bouncing twenty or thirty feet in the air over his car, while the Mustang is going sideways through the gravel in front of him. He just down shifts and keeps driving. Thank you for sharing this, Gunter.

By the way, Hooper and friends went out on the course, found the wheel and axle some place in the weeds, repaired and bolted everything all back together and kept racing that weekend.

No wonder we love these people!

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