My fellow (Republican) Americans

I’d like to address the 18 percent of Republicans who now support impeachment of Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Thank you. For your courage, for your allegiance to America over a would-be tyrant, for believing that no man is above the law, thank you.

There are many places where you and I agree about policy. I’m no more a rabid liberal than you are a rabid Republican. One of the first things we can agree on is a recognition that the other loves this country. You have shown this to me, and I hope to show you as well.

Current immigration law needs reform, people should be able to refuse to bake a cake for any reason, and if you like your insurance, that is
your business.

But first, you and I and all the others who feel as we do, that the malignancy in the White House must be cut away, need to act. We need to write personal letters to other Republicans, we need to speak up at the cafe in the morning, at our service clubs, when with friends.

We need to let others who feel as we do know that they are not alone. Together, as Americans, we can do this, and prove to the world that American democracy is like no other in the world.

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