Chalice is available

Late last night, I received notice that “Chalice” is now available on Amazon, Apple’s iBook store (go to iTunes and search on “Erik Dolson”), Barnes and Noble (not quite yet), and the Vook Store.

I should have a hard copy in my hands next Tuesday, with the first print run available soon after.

What an odd mix of emotions. Fear, elation, pride, anxiety. Chalice was close to two years in the writing, some of that the hardest work I have ever undertaken. After four or so hours, I would stagger from my table and run the river trail, lift weights, get the mail, or just vegetate away from where I work, unable to string two sentences together.

“Chalice” is not perfect. Every time I opened the file, I would find things that just had to be changed. So I finally “locked down” the file. After 20 or so readers reviewed writes and rewrites, after endless edits, after the second round of proofreading by a professional, I had to let it go and be what it is. And it is not perfect.

But it is the best I can do, at this moment, on this book. And I am proud of it. “Chalice” is an exploration of ideas that are significant to me and many of you. It is a sharing of my playground, an intersection of language, passion, and reflections on what’s real and what’s important.

“Chalice” is not for everyone. As an exchange of emails, “Chalice” is in a format that some  may find difficult to follow. The characters are flawed, and many might find their exchanges  unpleasant. There is a sex scene that was called gratuitous by one reader. It’s not, but it is graphic. If that’s going to disturb you, please don’t read. Another was put off by the fact that I dipped deeply into my personal experience to give the text “life.” Yes, I did, but “Chalice” is still a work of fiction.

But about a third of those who read early drafts found value in “Chalice.” Some said that value was significant for them. This validates the effort.

A word on pricing: I finally came to the conclusion that I had to be my own guide on this. I priced the ebook at $4.95 because I think “Chalice” is worth the price of two cups of coffee, even for readers who don’t like it.

I initially set the price of the paperback at $14.95, then learned I would receive 3¢ for each book sold. Three cents. At the print distributor’s suggestion, and his noting that the book would be discounted by book sellers anyway, I repriced at $19.95 and will receive about $2.30 of that.

If enough sell so we can go to offset printing, I hope the price will come down.

Thank you, friends, family, and readers I’ve never met but feel I know fairly well: You are the reason this book was written. I hope you think it was worth it.


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About Erik Dolson

Erik Dolson is a writer living in Oregon

6 Responses to Chalice is available

  1. Geniece Brown says:

    The experience of finding Chalice in Kindle ebook form on Amazon was a celebration worthy of fireworks!

    Opening YOUR BOOK, “Chalice” in, the bright, backlit, never lose my page, always with me, ebook format I have come to truly enjoy was a sensory-emotional experience as surprising as those that flood the brain with a remembered fragrance. (Yes, I feel a traitor to the printed word.). I anticipate holding your physical book in my hands will overwhelm, as did reading that first, rough draft. You know.

    The dedication and thanks were wonderful. Thank you.

    Congratulations Erik Dolson, Writer. You’ve done it! Let it sink in, celebrate! It’s real.

  2. Karen Smith says:

    Dear Erik,
    What a treat, late last night I found Chalice ready for downloading onto my Kindle from Amazon.
    Awesome, you did it, all that hard work, people giving you critiques good and bad, you persevered. Undaunted you continued your morning meditation, and exercise program, as you also said sometimes words did not come, but you forged ahead.
    An inspiration to everyone. Lucky me to know you, and be your friend.
    Hugs always
    ps I am hoping I was the 1st one to download to my kindle!!!

    • Erik Dolson says:

      Karen, I had been told the ebook would be out Tuesday, and the paperback proof early next week and available the week after. When you emailed, it was a complete surprise. I don’t know how you did it, but you knew before I did.

  3. Erik Dolson says:

    I reluctantly pulled a post critical of my book this evening, after becoming convinced the comment was made by someone who stole the identity of an eminent scientist.

    Another reader suggested I leave the comment, and I probably would have if the words did not potentially damage the PhD whose identity was misappropriated. I have a couple of emails in to his various work addresses and expect a quick response.

    If the PhD was in fact the author, I will restore his comment and those of readers who responded. If he was not the author, enough information was gleaned from invisible headers to identify the computer from which the identity fraud was committed. See for more information.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  4. Erik Dolson says:

    Dr. Alan Cherrington sent a very gracious note that he was not the author of the reply to this blog posted yesterday. He is actually going to buy the book as a result of the new connection.

    The post came from an AT&T customer in a western state, probably the Sisters, Oregon area.

  5. Silly troll. Get back under your bridge.

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